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ry was rather more ●striking; but the dinner hour had passe●d and our bellies had begun to pinch us.The Bur●mese, we had been told, were ch●aritable to a fault.But what us▓e to “batter” back doors, when we knew barely ▓a dozen words o

f the native tongue Here and th▓ere a bunch of bananas hung at the top of its ▓stocky tree, but the fruit was hopelessly g●reen; cocoanuts there were i▓n abundance, but they supplied drin●k rather than food.Still hunger ▓grew apace.The only alternative ●to starving left us was to exploit th●e shopkeepers,—to eat our fill ●and run

away. We chose a well-stocke▓d booth in a teeming village, and, advancin▓g with a millionaire swagger, sat do●wn on the bamboo floor and called for food.The ▓merchant and his family were enjoying a plenteo●us repast.The wife grinned cheerily upon ▓us for the honor we had done her among● all her neighbors, and brought▓ us a bowl of rice and




a str●ange vegetable currie.While we ate, t▓he unsuspecting victims squatted arou▓nd us, shrieking in our ears as though they wo▓uld force us to understand b●y endless repetitions and lusty bellowi●ng.When we addressed them in English,

▓ they cried “nmelay-voo,” and took deeper bre●ath.When we spoke in Hindustan●ee, they grinned sympathetically▓ and again bellowed “nmelay-▓voo.” How often I 402had heard those words sin●ce our departure from Rangoon! At first●, I had fancied the speaker was attempt●ing to converse in French.It was easy t●o imagine that he was

trying to say “wha▓t is your name” But he was ●not, for when I answered in t▓he language of Voltaire, the refr▓ain came back louder than before:—“Nme●lay-voo” We did not eat our fil▓l at the first shop.To have done so would h▓ave been to leave the keeper a pauper.When our▓ hunger had been somewhat allayed, we ▓rose to our feet. “

their cha▓rm, t


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    I’m sorry to work th●is phony game on you, old girl,” said ●James, “but I know you

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    couldn’●t cash a check—” “Nmelay-v▓oo” cried the personage thus

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    disre●spectfully addressed, and the family smil▓e broadened and spread to the family

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    ears.We● caught up the knapsack and walked rapidly● away; for well we knew

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    the agonized screams th▓at would greet our perfidy and the menac▓ing mob that would ga

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    ther at our h●eels.Four steps we had taken, ●and still no outcry.We hurr

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    i▓ed on, not daring to look back.Suddenly a r▓oar of laughter sounded behind us.I g?/p>

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    駆anced over my shoulder.Not a man pur▓sued us.The family still squatte▓d

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    on the bamboo floor of the b●ooth, doubled up and shaking with mirth. We▓ levied on

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    the shopkeepers whenever hun▓ger assailed us thereafter, though▓ never

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    eating more than two or three cent▓s’ worth at any one stall.Never a merch▓ant show

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    ed anger at our rascality.So ▓excellent a joke did our ruse see●m to the n

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    atives that laughter rang ou●t behind us at every sortie.Nay, ma▓ny a shopkeeper calle

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    d us bac▓k and forced upon us handfuls of▓ the best fruit in his meager

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    little stock▓, guffawing the while until the ▓tears ran down his cheeks, and calli▓

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    ng his neighbors about him to tell them th▓e jest, that they might laugh wi


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    th him.●

    And they did.M

    ore than

    once w▓e

    left an entire village shaking its ▓sides at the trick which the two witty s●ahibs had played upon it. W●hen night came on we appropria▓ted lodgings in the same high-handed fash●ion, stretching out on the veranda of t●he most pretentious shop in ●a long, straggling village.Unfort●unately, the wretch who kept it was no t▓rue Bur

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    man.A dozen times he came ▓out to growl at us, and to answer our ▓questions with an angry “nmelay-v●oo.” Darkness fell swiftly.It wa▓s the hour of closing.The me●rchant began to drag out boards from under his s●hanty and to stand them up endwise across th▓e open front of the shop, fit▓ting them into grooves at top and bottom.Whe●n only a n

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    arrow opening was left, he ●turned upon us with a snarl and motioned to u●s to be off.We paid no heed, 403for so f▓ierce an evening storm had begun that the shop l▓amp lighted up an unbroken sheet o▓f water at the edge of the veran●da.The shopkeeper blustered and howled to▓ make his voice heard above the rumble of t▓he torrent, waving his arms wild▓ly above his head.We stretch

    ●ed our aching legs and let him rage on.H▓e fell silent at last and squatted discons●olately in the opening.He could have put up ●the last board and left us outside, but that wo▓uld have been to disobey the ancient Buddh▓ist law of hospitality. A half-h

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    our ha▓d passed when he sprang up suddenly with a grunt▓ of satisfaction and stepped into his dwellin▓g.When he came out he carried a lantern and wo▓re a black, waterproof sheet

    The surface is fine

    that hid a▓ll but a narrow strip of his face and his bare f●eet.Bellowing in our ears, he began a pa▓ntomime that we understood to be an▓ offer to lead us to some othe●r shelter

    To me

    . “Let’s risk it,” said James.● “This is no downy couch, and he’s pr●obably going to take us to a Bud●dhist monastery.If he tries any tricks we’ll s●tick to him and come

    The vehicle explodes

    back.” ▓ We stepped into the deluge and foll▓owed the native along the highway i▓n the direction we had come.The storm incre▓ased.It was not a mere matter ●of getting wet.Th

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    ere was not ▓a dry thread on us when we had taken fo●ur steps.But the torrent, falling on our bowed ●backs, weighed us down like a mighty▓ burden, a sensation one may exp●erience under an especially str●ong shower bath. Mile after mile the native● trotted on; it seemed at least ten, cer●tainly it was three.The mud, oozing ●into our dilapidated shoes duri▓ng the day, had blistered our feet to the a▓nkles; our legs creaked with every step.The Aus▓tralian fell behind.I stumbled ▓over a knoll and sprawled into ●a river of mud that spattered even into my eyes●.A bellow brought the Burman to ●a halt.I splashed forward and gra▓sped him by a wrist. “Hold him!” howled J●ames from the rear.“The bloody ass will ta●ke us clear back to Pegu.There’s a hou●se down there.Let’s try it.” W●e skated down the slippery sl●ope, dragging the shopkeeper▓ after us, and stumbled acro▓ss the veranda into a low, rambling ho▓vel of a single room.At one end ●squatted a half-dozen low-caste men a●nd as many slatternly, half-naked females▓.In a corner was spread an array▓ of food stuffs; in another, several d●irty, brown brats were curled up on a heap o●f rush mat


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I saw for the first time the earth's shape

s and foul rags.Ja●mes sprang through the squatting group and fell● upon the wares. 404“Only grains and vegeta●bles,” he wailed.“Not a damn ▓thing a civilized man’s dog could e●at unless it was cooked.It’s no

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    supper for us,● all right.What say we turn in” ▓He dived towards the other corner and tumbl▓ed the sleeping children together.The ●natives stared stupidly, offering no s▓ign of protest at this maltreatment of thei▓r offspring.The Australian threw himself down ▓beside the slumberers. “Holy ▓dingoes!” he gasped, bounding again t▓o his feet, “What a smell!” We h▓ad indeed fallen upon squalor unusual i▓n the land of Burma

    . Our guide, waiving t▓he rights of higher caste, squatted● with the others.Then he began to chatt●er, and, that accomplishment being universal am▓ong his countrymen, he was s▓oon joined by all the group; the old men first,● in rasping undertones, then the younger● males, in deeper voice, and ▓last, the females, in cracked treble●. We sat down dejectedly on two Standard▓ Oil cans.For an hour the natives● jabbered on, gaping a

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    t us, chewing thei●r betel-nut cuds like ruminatin▓g animals.Green-eyed lizards in wall a▓nd ceiling set up their nerve-rackin●g “she-kak! she-kak!” The mud drie▓d in thick layers on our faces. ● Suddenly James bounded into the mid▓st of the group and grasped the shopkeeper ▓by the folds of his loose gown●. “We want something to eat!” h▓e bellowed.“If there’s any chow in this shack● show it up.If there isn’t, cut out th

    is tong▓ue rattle, you missing link, and le▓t us sleep!” and he shook the passive● Burman so savagely that the cigarette hangin●g from his nether lip flew among the sleeping ch▓ildren. The shopkeeper, sh●owing neither surprise nor anger, regain●ed his equilibrium, picked up his lan▓tern, and marched with dignified tread out i●nto the night.Apparently he had● abandoned us in spite of the law of● hospitality. But he was a true

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    ●disciple of Gautama, for he saunter▓ed in, a few moments later, in company with fi●ve men in high-caste costumes. “Any of yo▓u chaps speak English” I crie●d. The newcomers gave no sign of having under▓stood.One, more showily dres●sed than his companions, sat● down on a heap of rattan.The others gro▓uped themselves about him, an▓d a new conference began.The rain ceased.The ●lizards shrieked sardonically.James f●ell into a

    doze, humped together on hi▓s oil can. Suddenly I caught, above the▓ chatter, the word “babu.” ●405“Look here,” I interrupted, “If● there’s a babu here he speaks Engl●ish.Who is he” The only reply ●was a sudden silence that did not last l▓ong. “Babu,” cried the shopkeeper●, some moments later.This time there could ●be no doubt that he had addressed the sil●ent Beau Brummel on the rattan▓ heap. “You speak E


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nglish!” ●I charged, pointing an accusing finger at him.●“Tell them we want something to e▓at.?/p>

? The fellow stared st▓olidly.If the title belonged to hi▓m he was anxious to conce

al his▓ accomplishments. “It’s some damn sne▓ak,” burst out James, “come here to ea

ve●sdrop.” Four days in the jungle had▓ weakened the Australian’s command over his▓ temper.Or was his speech a rus

e If so, ▓it succeeded in its object.A flu▓sh mounted to the swarthy ch●eek of the native; he opened an

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d closed his ●mouth several times as if he had rec●eived a heavy blow in the ribs, and spo▓ke, slowly and distinctly:— “I am no●t damn snake.I have been lis▓tening.” “Of course!” bellowed James,▓ “I repeat, you are a sneak.” ▓ “Don’t!” shuddered the bab●u, “Don’t name me damn snake.If the▓y know you talk me so I fall in my caste.〃埍 “Well, why didn’t

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